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AMETEK Brookfield India is pleased to present our upcoming 2021 webinar schedule. Learn industry best practices for material characterization that you can apply in your industry.

Date Topic      Speaker (s) Participation Links
21-Jul-21            Viscosity Measurement of Creams and Liquids      Jigar Joshi                    Register here
 3-Aug-21 Why do we have multiple spring options-
LV,RV,HA or HB?      
Rajendra Parkar   Register here
5-Aug-21  Method Development with Viscometer  Dr. Phalguni Naik                           Register here
10-Aug-21 Viscosity Determination of Asphalt/Bitumen
(ASTM 4402) & hot melts at elevated temperature    
Shravan Hegde   Register here
12-Aug-21 Texture Analysis of Bloom Gel Strength
and Food Product 
Jigar Joshi   Register here
18-Aug-21  Calibration and Maintenance of Viscometer  Meghraj Desai   Register here
24-Aug-21  Determination of Rheogical Behaviour of your Topical Products as per USP  Shravan Hegde   Register here
26-Aug-21  Texture for Food  Rajendra Parkar  Register here
22-Sep-21  RSO - Product testing- Creams/Ointment - Oscillatory Rheometer- LIVE  Jigar Joshi   Register here
23-Sep-21  Chemical Free Moisture determination of Lyophilized Products Shravan Hegde   Register here
30-Sep-21  Monitor Viscosity Inline  Rajendra Parkar  Register here