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Our DVNext CP Rheometer Now Features Magnetic Cone/Plate

Friday, January 7, 2022

AMETEK Brookfield, part of AMETEK's Instrumentation & Specialty Controls Division, is excited to announce that the DVNext Cone Plate Rheometer now with features optional magnetic coupling. The DVNext Wells-Brookfield Cone/Plate Rheometer gives researchers a sophisticated instrument for routinely determining absolute viscosity of fluids in small sample volumes. Its cone and plate geometry provides the precision necessary for development of complete rheological data.

“The new magnetic cone plate makes instrument and test setup a breeze,” said Kai Johnstad, Global Product Marketing Manager. “Experienced users will enjoy the timesaving capabilities of the magnetic cone/plate accessories, and new users will appreciate the simple, intuitive nature of spindle attachment and removal.”

The DVNext Cone/Plate Rheometer provides a wide variety of shear rates and viscosity ranges, which can be further extended by using interchangeable cone spindles. Various cone spindles are available for use with the DVNext Cone/Plate Rheometer. Different models can be selected to meet the specific range of viscosities and shear rates required.

AMETEK Brookfield has been the world standard in viscosity measurement for over 85 years. AMETEK Brookfield's expanding portfolio includes texture, toxic gas, moisture, and powder flow analysis instruments.

To learn more about AMETEK Brookfield's DVNext Cone/Plate Rheometer, please click here.

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