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Sample Testing Services

sample testing

AMETEK Brookfield has testing services for all aspects of viscosity, rheology, texture analysis, and powder flow. Our versatile instruments with various fixtures and accessories allow us to test a variety of samples in different industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, food and beverages, chemical materials, and more.

We offer: 

  • Liquid and Fluid Flow Analysis 

  • Texture Analysis of Solid and Semi-solid Materials 

  • Powder Flow Analysis 

  • Moisture Analysis 

  • Spectroscopy

Assessing Viscometry and Rheology 

AMETEK Brookfield is a world leader in viscosity measurements. Our dedicated staff has extensive experience in viscosity testing of various materials from liquids to pastes. Our fully equipped laboratory provides the following services:

Fluid Profiling
Determine your fluid samples' flow properties using our standard viscometers like the DVNext, DV2T, and CAP2000 viscometers. Investigate their Newtonian and non-Newtonian behaviour.
For more sophisticated rheological measurements, we have our RS- series of touch rheometers, including the RSO, RST-CPS Cone/Plate Rheometer, RST-SST Soft Solid Tester, and RST-CC Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer. These rheometers operate in both Controlled Shear Rate (CSR) and Controlled Shear Stress (CSS) modes, providing simple single-point viscosity tests to more comprehensive rheological profiling.

Temperature Profiling
Determine the effects of changing temperature on the flow properties of fluids.

Yield and Creep Measurement
Evaluate material behavior from initial yield stress through to the full flow curve at variable shear rates. Obtain relaxation, recovery, and creep properties.

Achieve the Right Texture for Your Products

Is your product too firm? 

Want to know whether your packaging materials are crush-resistant?

Concerned about the flexibility or elastic properties of your product?

Want to objectively quantify how chewy or gummy your product is?

Whatever your texture requirements are, the AMETEK Brookfield CTX Texture Analyser is your perfect choice. With its accessories and fixtures, CTX can determine the textural and structural attributes of most products and raw materials across industries. Its test mode of compression and tension makes it applicable to almost any solid or semi-solid material. 

Texture Analysis Testing Services provide the following:

Texture Profile Analysis
Test the primary characteristics (firmness and adhesiveness) and secondary characteristics (chewiness, gumminess, cohesiveness, springiness, etc.) of a product with a two-cycle analysis.

Compression Testing
Test the firmness, consistency, adhesiveness of material, flexibility, and fracturability for more solid-like materials.

Tension Testing
Assess the tensile strength of a material under investigation.

Test the rupture force of solid-like materials. 

Understanding the Importance of Powder Flow Analysis 

A classic problem with powders is their unpredictability during discharge from storage containers such as silos, bins, and hoppers. The powders may also incur unpredictable flow in dosing machines, feeders, and packaging machines. These flow obstructions can reduce product quality due to variations in the mixture or package weight. Flow obstructions reduce productivity, as the plant may need to shut down to correct the flow restrictions.

Avoiding flow obstructions requires using the right material for the plant. This means selecting suitable raw materials from your supplier. Powder quality will vary from multiple suppliers due to the variability in particle size and distribution, moisture content, and ingredients used. Therefore, the raw materials selection process is essential in quality control to overcome blockages during powder discharge. The AMETEK Brookfield Powder Flow Tester (PFT) can predict potential flow obstructions for a given powder, thus enabling the manufacturer to be better informed when selecting raw materials.

The Powder Flow Tester (PFT) can also be used in product development. Formulators are constantly adjusting powder formulations to provide new and improved products that meet and satisfy customer demands, like better coating action for paints, increased solubility of chemical compounds, or even enhanced flavoring in spices. In either case, modifying the powders ultimately means changing the flow properties. The AMETEK Brookfield Powder Flow Tester can predict these changes and keeps the formulator well informed on any potential production problems stemming from these changes.

The AMETEK Brookfield Powder Flow Tester measures the bulk solid materials' flow properties ranging from food powders, chemical powders, paint components (titanium dioxide), pharmaceuticals, construction materials (e.g., cement and gypsum), cosmetics, starch, and more. 

Powder flow testing services include:

Flow Function
Measure the cohesive strength of a powder under varying consolidation stresses.

Time Consolidation Flow Function
Measure the strength of powder over time simulating storage conditions.

Wall Friction
Measure the friction between the powder and wall material interface for gravity discharge.

Test Results
All tests conclude with a detailed written report featuring: 

  • The test method used

  • A display of the results in graphical format

  • An analysis of the results

  • Raw data acquired from our instruments

We have an extensive list of customers currently using our sample testing services

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