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  • Viscometers

    Ease of use, flexibility, reliable performance and quality of service have made Brookfield Viscometers favorites all over the world.

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  • Rheometers

    To measure viscosity at a controlled shear rate, at a controlled shear stress or to make a direct yield stress measurement, Brookfield has a Rheometer to meet your requirements.

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  • helipath_india

    Brookfield's extensive line of accessories will increase the functionality of your viscometer or rheometer, ensuring that the measurements you need to make are accomplished.

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  • Texture Analyzers

    The CTX Texture Analyzer is an advanced model for compression and tension testing of materials.  It allows quick, efficient testing for busy labs that need to improve productivity while maintaining quality.

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  • Powder Flow Testers

    The PFT Powder Flow Tester provides quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment such as hoppers/silos.

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  • Software

    Brookfield applications software is available to automate data collection and, in some cases, automate control of our line of digital viscometers/rheometers. All Brookfield software runs on MS-Windows operating systems.

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  • Temperature Control

    Detecting changes in your sample's properties is valuable information for predicting your product's performance. Temperature control during viscosity measurement helps insure accurate test results. The addition of a Brookfield Circulating Bath is a smart investment. For high temperature measurement up to 300°C, the Brookfield Thermosel is recommended.

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  • Viscosity Standards

    Brookfield Viscosity Silicone and Oil Standards provide a convenient, reliable way to verify the calibration of your Brookfield laboratory viscometer/rheometer.

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  • moisture tester

    World-class instruments for measuring moisture content from the pioneer in the field.

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  • Jerome

    Designed for practical application in the field. Accurate, easy to use, and proven in the harshest environments.

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