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Helipath T-bar Spindles

T-bar spindles are used with the Helipath Stand to create a helical path through non-flowing materials  such as creams,pastes, putty and gelatin. 
Helipath Spindles 583
Helipath Stands are shipped with six different T-bar spindles, however, individual spindles can also be purchased.  Note: Heavier paste-like materials may require the use of a Spiral Adapter.

Helipath Spindle set cropped 583
Complete set of T-bar Spindles
  • Specifications +

    T-Bar Spindles
    T-A 156-62.5K 2K-400K 4K-800K 16K-3.2M
    T-B 312-124.8K 4K-800K 8K-6M 20K-6.4M
    T-C 780-312K 10K-2M 20K-4M 80K-16M
    T-D 1.5K-624K 20K-4M 40K-8M 160K-32M
    T-E 3.9K-1.5M 50K-10M 100K-20M 400K-80M
    T-F 7.8K-3.1M 100K-20M 200K-40M 800K-160M
    M=1million K=1 thousand