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Thermosel System

for elevated temperature testing of hot melts, asphalt, wax and polymers
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The difficulty with viscosity measurements of hot melts and liquids at elevated temperatures has been in maintaining accurate temperature control that is consistent from sample to sample so that meaningful data could be obtained. The Brookfield Thermosel solves this problem by providing a stable, precisely controlled sample environment. This, together with the inherent accuracy of the Brookfield Viscometers, is fundamental to the Thermosel System, which produces viscosity measurements that are not only accurate but entirely reproducible.


Several factors contribute to the stable environment:

  • Non-fluctuating temperature control.
  • Small sample volume and insulated sample chamber which reduces temperature gradients within the sample.
  • The rotating spindle, which acts as a built-in stirring device.
  • The test procedure is quite straightforward. Once familiar with the system, unskilled operators can easily produce accurate, reproducible data.


  • Provides control of sample temperature up to +300°C
  • Programmable Controller offers single set point or up to 10 programmable set points. Temperature ramping between set points is possible if used with RheocalcT Software
    Note: Requires optional cable HT-106 when QC control with RheocalcT is implemented.
  • Compatible with standard Brookfield Viscometers and DV3T Rheometers
    Note: requires optional cable DVP-141 when controlled by DV3T Rheometer
  • Supplied with reusable stainless steel sample container and five disposable aluminum sample chambers
  • Outputs: 0-4 Vdc for chart recorder; RS-232 for use with DV3T and/or RheocalcT

Disposable sample chamber with Disposable Spindle SC4-27D* is ideal for asphalts or any difficult-to-clean material. Requires special adapter (SC4-DSY).

*Optional SC4-27D is available in quantities of 100, (SC4-27D-100).

The Thermosel is also available to purchase with a magnetic spindle couple system. This option allows spindles to be quickly attached and removed, and may also help prevent against damage that can occur from frequent spindle changes or multiple users. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for details and part numbers. 

  • Overview +

    What's Included
    • Choice of one SC4 Spindle*
    • Alignment Bracket
    • Thermo Container with safety guard and insulating cap
    • One Removable Sample Chamber
    • Five Disposable Sample Chambers
    • Extracting Tools
    Also Required (purchased separately) 
    • SC4 Spindle
    • Temperature Controller with an RTD probe
    *Specify when ordering.
  • Specifications +

    **Note: The EZ-Lock option must be purchased for use with all "EXTRA" series Viscometers/Rheometers as well as all other instruments that have an EZ-Lock spindle coupling system.


    Thermosel Adapter Viscosity Ranges cP (mPa·s)
    (SEC-1) † MODEL
    SC4-18 8mL 1.32N SC4-31 10mL .34N SC4-34 9.5mL .28N SC4-21 8mL .93N SC4-27* 10.5mL .34N
    LVDV3T 1.2-30K 12-300K 24-600K Not applicable for historical
    LVDV2T 1.5-30K 15-300K 30-600K reasons. However, it is possible
    DV1MLV 3-10K 30-100K 60-200K to use the above spindles
    LVDVE 3-10K 30-100K 60-200K with any of these instruments.
    LVT 5-10K 50-100K 100-200K Digital Viscometers/Rheometers
    RVDV3T       20-500K 100-2.5M
    RVDV2T       25-500K 125-2.5M
    DV1MRV       50-170K 250-830K
    RVDVE   50-170K 250-830K
    RVT will automatically calculate 50-100K 250-500K
    HADV3T viscosity. Please contact 40-1M 200-5M
    HADV2T Brookfield or an authorized 50-1M 250-5M
    DV1MHA dealer if you require 100-300K 500-1.7M
    HADVE Information on viscosity range. 100-300K 500-1.7M
    HAT       100-200K 500-1M
    HBDV3T       160-M 800-20M
    HBDV2T       200-4M 1K-20M
    DV1MHB       400-1.3M 2K-6.7M
    HBDVE       400-1.3M 2K-6.7M
    HBT       400-800K 2K-4M

    Thermosel Adapter Viscosity Ranges cP (mPa·s)
    SHEAR RATE (SEC-1) †
    LVDV3T   1.0-10K
    LVDV2T Not applicable for historical reasons. 3.4-10K
    DV1MLV See note above. 3.4-10K
    LVDVE   N/A
    LVT   5.7-10K
    RVDV3T 200-5M 400-10M 14.6-10K
    RVDV2T 250-5M 500-10M 36.5-10K
    DV1MRV 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M 36.5-10K
    RVDVE 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M N/A
    RVT 500-1M 1K-2M 36.5-10K
    HADV3T 400-10M 800-20M 29.2-10K
    HADV2T 500-10M 1K-20M 73.0-10K
    DV1MHA 1K-3.3M 2K-6.7M 73.0-10K
    HADVE 1K-3.3M 2K-6.7M N/A
    HAT 1K-2M 2K-4M 73.0-10K
    HBDV3T 1.6K-40M 3.2K-80M 116.8-10K
    HBDV2T 2K-40M 4K-80M 292.0-10K
    DV1MHB 4K-13.3M 8K-26.7M 292.0-10K
    HBDVE 4K-13.3M 8K-26.7M N/A
    HBT 4K-8M 8K-16M 292.0-10K
    M=1 million K=1 thousand N=RPM cP=centipoise mPa·s=Millipascal·seconds
    † Spindle SC4-18 1.32x10(rpm)=13.2 sec-1
    *Optional disposable SC4-27D spindle is available in quantities of 100, Part No. SC4-27D-100. Requires special chuck/closer, Part No. SC4-DSY, for attachment to viscometer.
    **The 81 spindle, Part No. HT-DIN-81, works in an HT-2 or HT-2DB chamber.
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